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If you’re looking to develop your skills both physically and mentally you have come to the right place.  For the past 20 years I have applied all of the best practices of Sports and general Psychology to my professional and personal life.  I always begin by asking you 'What do you want or need?' when you tell me what your specific wants and needs are; only then can i understand how to help you...

Types of coaching that I carry out include:
Golf Coaching. Not just how to swing it great but more importantly how to score.
Coaching for development - Setting goals and growing your confidence.
Modules for mental training include:
Confidence so that you feel great inside and out
The Zone which brings a calm and focused body and mind
Imagery – Seeing is believing
Self-talk – How to stay positive by talking to yourself instead of listening 
Goal setting – How to make it make to work magic
Mental Toughness – Use your mind to overcome any challenges from past or present
Focus – develop this skill and results will come fast
Commitment – Well done is way better than well said
Leadership – Are you a thermostat or a thermometer?
Time v Task management – To gain balance and joy
Teamwork – How it’s done so that you can compete with each other and remain focused on shared goals
Stress – Learn to remove now and forever
Pressure – we all are affected by it so why not learn to channel that energy for a great performance?
Self-Hypnosis and EFT – for deep emotional relief

These days you must practice your mind strength as much as your physical skills. Every top flight athlete or sports star works on mind mastery every day and to match them or indeed exceed them you must do the same.  Call me now and I can significantly improve your performance, so feel free to put me to the test - Risk FREE!

Appointments can be in person, Cell or via Skype, call today for more info...
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